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New Contributor

screen sharing UI is a clutter

The UI for screensharing seems to be getting worse with the "blackout" bar at the bottom. There is a lot of wasted space, making it really hard to see the entire shared screen.

1. The GotoMeeting title bar is too big.

2. The Talking/attendants tool bar is too big.

3. The mute/camera buttons are too big.

4. The new blackout bar at the bottom of the page is too big.


Overall, those 4 components take away ~10-20% of the vertical space of the screen (depending on resolution settings). That's wasteful and gives poor user experience. Often I need to zoom in and cutting off part of the screen.


Probably things can be improved by moving all those bars to the left/right of the screen instead, and/or making them fully hide-able. There should also be an option for a true full-screen mode like Zoom (where all buttons disappear and the shared screen overtakes the entire monitor).

New Contributor

Re: screen sharing UI is a clutter

Agreed, the new layout is God-Awful.


Why did they separate it out to three separate components.


It shold be just a collapsable bar that you can put along the sides of the screen.

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: screen sharing UI is a clutter

Hey folks,

Thanks for the feedback.

We're working on a few visibility improvements that should help your GoToMeeting experience soon.