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New Contributor

GoToMeeting Android App wheel of death for camera

I have been running meetings on the GoToMeeting App on Android for months but this morning when I try to turn on my camera, I get the wheel of death.  In my first meeting this morning, no one was able to share their camera.  By logging into the computer GoTo, I was able select Attendees can share WebCams.  The phone will still not connect.


I tried logging in as my personal account and my business account and multiple meetings.  Other people are able to login now and share their webcams.  I checked the app settings of GoToMeeting allows camera access.

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: GoToMeeting Android App wheel of death for camera

@Kathleen3  I apologize for the trouble there. 


Have you been able to perform a full reboot and/or re-install of the GoToMeeting mobile app for Android?

If so, can you state the Android device currently in use?