Active Directory Connector (v2.1.0.372) & User Sync Release Notes

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Active Directory Connector (v2.1.0.372) & User Sync Release Notes

LogMeIn Manager


  • New look and feel for User Sync
  • Usability improvements to User Sync
  • Added support for custom user attributes
  • New "Update" option on the ADC
  • Bug fixes and additional changes 

What's New?

New Look and Feel for User Sync

  • Admins who utilize User Sync in the Admin Center for automated provisioning of users (populated via their Active Directory Connector integration) will now experience a new look and feel throughout when creating and managing rules for their user groups.  

New User SyncUserSyncNew.png


Former User SyncUserSyncRule.png


Usability Improvements to User Sync

  • Admins that log in to the Admin Center and access User Sync to create or manage rules will now see several more configuration options and fields to easily customize all settings for their directory group (formerly known as organization group), including the following:
    • New "Description" field to add notes about your directory group
    • New "User Details" section, where you can create a customized Welcome Email, or assign a default language, user group, device group(s), and/or a default settings template.
      • Note:  Device group assignment is only applicable to accounts provisioned with GoToAssist Remote Support.RS Admins User Sync.png 
  • Additionally, admins who create 2 or more rules can now click and drag each in the "Re-order" column to adjust the prioritization of the order in which the rules within will apply.  Previously, admins used arrow icons to indicate priority ranking.
    • If a user exists in more than 1 directory group, all assignments contained within the rule with the highest priority ranking will be used over the rule with the same assignments in the lower ranked rule. 
      • Note:  For rules that contain more than 1 product tier (e.g., GoToMeeting Pro and GoToMeeting Plus), the rule with the highest priority ranking will be assigned, even if it is a lower-tiered product.


Added Support for Custom User Attributes

  • Admins that configure user attributes in the Active Directory Connector now see a new "Add custom attributes" tab in User Sync to map the default or custom field(s) of user attribute values.  These attributes and their values are then displayed in the user info and reporting in the Admin Center.  Previously, admins could add custom attributes in the ADC but did not have the option to map them in the Admin Center. AddCustomAttributes.png


New "Update" Option on the ADC

  • Admins who have installed ADC v2 will now see a new Update to <version> option on the Active Directory Connector software in the lower left navigation when a new version becomes available.  Admins can click Update to <version> and the ADC will stop the service, exit, install the update, then relaunch and start the service automatically.  Learn more.  (ADC-106)ADC11_Running.png


Bug Fixes

  • Removal of Visual C++ being a prerequisite in order to install the Active Directory Connector software.  (ADC-102)
  • Fix for correctly displaying the username of the service user.  Previously, if the service user had an underscore "_" in their username, it was not displayed.  (ADC-103)