Active Directory Connector (v2.1.0.435) Release Notes

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Active Directory Connector (v2.1.0.435) Release Notes

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  • Support for new "Jive PBX extension" SCIM attribute
  • Support for syncing multiple domains


What's New?


Support for New "Jive PBX Extension" SCIM Attribute

  • Admins who provision their user accounts with Jive can now utilize the new "Jive PBX extension" SCIM attribute field when configuring the Active Directory Connector.  Here's how to use this new attribute:  (ADC-330)
    1. Admin enters a 4-digit extension number in one of the fields (listed in Column A) in the Active Directory user account (e.g., Home).
    2. On the Active Directory Connector v2, admin clicks Edit mapping and enters the attribute name (listed in Column B) in the "Jive PBX extension" field (e.g., homePhone).
    3. Admin runs the Active Directory Connector v2 service.
    4. The 4-digit extension listed in the AD user account is now associated with the Jive user account, and is displayed in the Jive Administration Center at




Field Name Displayed in Active Directory (Column A) Attribute to Enter in "Jive PBX Extension" Field
on Active Directory Connector (Column B)

Input accepted

(Column C)

Home homePhone







4-digit extension

Home (Other) otherHomePhone
Pager pager
Pager (Other) otherPager
Mobile mobile
Mobile (Other) otherMobile
Fax facsimileTelephoneNumber
Fax (Other) otherFacsimile
Telephone Number telephoneNumber
IP Phone ipPhone
IP Phone (Other) otherIpPhone
Notes info


Jive PBX Extension Attribute in the Jive Administration CenterJiveAdminCenter.png


Support for Syncing Multiple Domains

  • The Active Directory Connector v2 (ADC v2) now supports syncing all groups from the domain forest that are replicated within the Global Catalog server. The ADC v2 opens a connection to a domain controller from each domain.  In order to sync multiple domains, the ADCS.config file (located at C:\Program Files\Logmein\Active Directory Connector) must be modified to use a Global Catalog server with Global Catalog port 3268.  The modifications to the ADCS.config file will vary depending on whether or not the ADC v2 runs inside or outside of the domain forest.  (ADC-333)
      1. If the ADC v2 runs in the domain forest, the following should be entered:
          <domainName>"type here your Global Catalog server's domain or IP"</domainName> 

        Example (a) configuration:
      2. If ADC v2 runs outside of the domain forest, the following should be entered:
          <domainName>"type here your Global Catalog server's IP"</domainName> 
          <username>"type your domain user's name"</username>
          <password>"type your domain user's password"</password>
          <domainNameMapping>"parent domain name" "parent domain controller IP","child domain name" "child domain controller IP"</domainNameMapping>

        Example (b) configuration:


Overview based on Examples (a) and (b) listed above:












Domain Type Domain Name Domain Controller IP


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