Admin Center (v4.38.0) Release Notes

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Admin Center (v4.38.0) Release Notes

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  • Ability to customize the contact info for Welcome emails
  • New "Email customization" pane in Admin Settings


What's New?


Ability to Customize the Contact Info for Welcome Emails

  • Account admins can now go to the "Email customization" pane in Admin Settings and click Edit to manage the contact information that appears in the Welcome emails that are sent to newly invited users.  This contact info can also be customized from Add Users under User Details.  Admins can choose from either selecting Contact is the admin performing the action to allow the Reply To email address to belong to the admin who is adding new users (default setting), or to select Custom Contacts and specify both a custom Reply To email address and an email address or hyperlink for the "contact us" messaging.  With either option the admin selects, they can also choose whether or not to include LogMeIn support resources in the Welcome email.  (EXTERNALADMIN-2559)





New "Email Customization" Pane in Admin Settings

  • Account admins can now go to the "Email customization" pane in Admin Settings and use the Default Welcome Email drop-down menu to create new default Welcome email templates.  Previously, admins could only create these new email templates under Add Users in the Admin Center, whereas now they can be created from either location.  (EXTERNALADMIN-2559)




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