Admin Center (v5.10.0 Web) Release Notes

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Admin Center (v5.10.0 Web) Release Notes

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  • Session recording access management for agents
  • Removal of custom wallpaper upload permission for managers (GoToRoom only)
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements


What's New?


Session Recording Access Management for Agents

  • Admins now see a new "Access to Recordings" pane in Admin Settings that they can configure to choose between all restricting agents to view only their own session recordings, or to continue allowing agents to access all recordings created by all users on the account.  This new configuration setting applies to both RescueAssist and GoToAssist Remote Support agents.  (EXTERNALADMIN-2731)
  • Additionally, all agents that existed on an account before this release will continue to have access to all session recordings made by any agent, and accounts that created after this release will have all agents restricted by default to access only their own recordings.  However, this new account-wide restriction/allowance privilege can be changed for all users within the account's Admin Settings.

What's Improved?


Removal of Custom Wallpaper Upload Permission for Managers (GoToRoom only)

  • When configuring a custom background image for GoToRoom in Admin Settings, only admins will see an upload option to update the home screen wallpaper.  Previously, the upload option was displayed for managers (even though making this change required admin permissions), and when a manager attempted to upload a new image, they encountered an error and were unable to upload.  (EXTERNALADMIN-2752)

What's Fixed?

  • Fix for allowing admins to delete device groups containing only a single device from within the Admin Center.  Previously, admins were required to move the single device out of the device group (within the agent desktop app or Web App) before they were able to delete the device group.  (EXTERNALADMIN-2417)
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