Admin Center (v5.14.0) Release Notes

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Admin Center (v5.14.0) Release Notes

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  • Debut of the in-product help widget within the Admin Center
  • Updates to the default Welcome and Update email templates


What's New?


Debut of the In-Product Help Widget within the Admin Center

  • Admins and managers can now search for help topics within the new in-product help widget displayed in the lower-right corner of the Admin Center.  This widget provides detailed instructions for topics related to the Admin Center and Organization Center that can be viewed without ever having to navigate away to our product support sites for informaiton.  (EXTERNALADMIN-2870)

    IPH Widget.jpg


What's Improved?


Changes to the Default Welcome and Update Email Templates

  • The following changes have been made to the default email templates for newly invited and existing users to provide a clear understanding of their next steps:  (EXTERNALADMIN-2763)
    • Welcome emails (sent to newly invited users) now have an eye-catching Get Started button instead of a "create a new password" hyperlink. DefaultWelcome_CreatePW.jpg


    • Update emails (sent to existing users when a change is made to their account) no longer contain any references to create a new password, as they are existing users and have already created one.DefaultWelcome_ChangesToExisting.jpg


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