Admin Center (v5.8.0) Release Notes

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Admin Center (v5.8.0) Release Notes

GoTo Contributor


  • Organize GoToRoom systems from the Admin Center
  • Redefined User Statuses


What's New?


Organize GoToRoom Systems from the Admin Center 

  • Admins can now organize their GoToRoom systems from the Admin Center with locations! This will help admins manage multiple GoToRoom systems in different locations. To start organizing rooms, admins can log in at and click Manage Rooms in the left menu. From this page, admins can do the following: (EXTERNALADMIN-2645)
    • Add new locations by clicking +Add. 
    • Assign rooms to a location by selecting a location and clicking Assign Rooms.
    • Edit location names by selecting a location and clicking Edit.
    • Delete locations by selecting a location and clicking Edit and Delete Location.



What's Improved?


Redefined User Statuses

  • The User Statuses on the Manage Users page have been redefined as the following:  (EXTERNALADMIN-2721)
    • Active = Signed in within the last 30 days
    • Inactive = No sign in within the last 30 days
    • Invited = Never signed in to the account
    • Suspended = No access to products or Admin Center
  • Additionally, admins can filter by these statuses, and their definitions can be viewed by clicking the Tooltip icon TooltipIcon.png at the top of the the Status column. The user's status and its definition can also be viewed in the User Details. Previously, the User Statuses where Enabled, Invited, or Suspended.



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