Device Management Service (v1.6.0) Release Notes

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Device Management Service (v1.6.0) Release Notes

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  • Ability to manage trusted devices


What's New?


Ability to Manage Trusted Devices

  • As a new security measure, users can now access their Sign In & Security profile settings at to view all devices and locations from which their account is actively signed in or was last accessed, and manage trust for each of those devices.  (SOAUTHSVC-2759, -2760, -2761)
    • For familiar devices that are recognized, you can select I trust this device, and you will no longer be prompted for email verification when signing in from that device. 
    • For devices that are unrecognized, or for those that were previously trusted and now need trust revoked (e.g., device was replaced), you can select I don't recognize this device to view all device details, including sign-in location, date last accessed, device info, and IP address.  To proceed with reporting or revoking trust, click Report & Sign Out, which will send a password reset link to your account email address.  Check your inbox and click the link within the email to create a new password, and sign in once again to access your account.   Learn more about managing trusted devices.  (SOAUTHSVC-2810)



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