GoToMeeting (Cloud Recording) Release Notes

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GoToMeeting (Cloud Recording) Release Notes

LogMeIn Contributor

GoToMeeting is proud to debut Cloud Recording! With cloud recording, your meeting recording will automatically save and show up in your Meeting History, where you can copy the link, play, download and delete. Never again manually convert and upload! And did we mention it's also available on the Web App? Organizers who prefer to host via the Web App can now not only record but also record to the cloud! 



  • Record to the cloud
  • Record sessions from the Web App
  • Enable cloud recording in the Admin Center


What's New?

Record to the Cloud

  • GoToMeeting organizers on Pro and Plus subscription plans can now have their meeting recordings automatically saved to the cloud! When organizers use cloud recording, the meeting recording will automatically be saved online (rather than to the local machine), therefore eliminating the need for organizers to convert and manually upload their local recordings.G2M_StartRecording.png
  •  To begin recording, organizers can select Record at the bottom of the Control Panel, which will then launch a Cloud icon notifying them that the recording will be available online. Once the organizer ends the meeting, the Meeting History page will launch and organizers will be able to copy the recording link, play, download or delete the recording. Note that it will take a couple minutes for the latest recording to appear.
  • Notes:
    • Cloud recording can only be enabled in the Admin Center. There is no organizer-level setting that enables/disables cloud recording.
    • In the desktop app, cloud recording is not available to co-organizers and attendees promoted to the Organizer or Presenter role during the meeting.
    • Cloud recording does not include webcam feeds.
    • Session recording is not available for organizers hosting from a mobile app.
    • As of now, a local recording will also be saved as a backup on the organizer's hard drive.


Record Sessions from the Web App

  • Organizers hosting their own meetings from the Web App can now record their sessions! Previously, the ability to record a meeting was available to organizers on the desktop app only. To begin recording, organizers can select the Record icon G2M_RecordIcon.png at the bottom of the Control Panel. The icon will begin to glow, assuring organizers that the session is being recorded.Organizers can select the icon again to pause and resume. The help pop-up includes online recording information and notifies organizers that the recording will be available on the Meeting History page after the meeting has ended.
  • Note: The Web App allows cloud recording to continue as long as an any organizer is present (even if the owner of the meeting has left).

Enable Cloud Recording in the Admin Center

  • Account administrators can enable cloud recording for their organizers using the Admin Center.
  1. Log in at
  2. Under GoToMeeting Features, select the status of Record Meetings.
  3. This will launch a window with recording options. Note that if Cloud recording is selected, a temporary local file will also be saved at this time.
    • Local recording: Recordings will be saved to the local machine, which will then need to be converted and manually uploaded.
    • Cloud recording: Recordings will be saved online to the cloud.
    • Disabled: Organizers cannot record meetings at all.admin_cbr.png