GoToMeeting Desktop App (v10.3.0, b15502) Release Notes

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GoToMeeting Desktop App (v10.3.0, b15502) Release Notes

GoTo Contributor

The New GoToMeeting now supports French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), Chinese, Korean, and Japanese! Read on to learn about other improvements.



  • Improvements to New GoToMeeting
  • Bug fixes and minor changes

Rollout plan:

This build was deployed to customers starting Oct. 25 and ends Nov. 1, 2019.

What's New? 

Improvements to New GoToMeeting

Improvements have been made to the New GoToMeeting desktop app! Improvements include:

  • Ability to choose "No audio" from the pre-session window 
  • Layout improvements to the Mac pre-session window
  • Ability to leave meeting from the Mac pre-session window 
  • Support for localized texts in French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese-Brazil, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese
  • Ability to click Don't remind me again in the Unmute Assistant newg2m_primary.png


Bug Fixes & Minor Changes:

  • Fix for inability to close the "Meeting Scheduled" window
  • Fix for missing "Remember me" checkbox when using Call Me on Windows 
  • Fix for missing Recording status when organizers reported audio issues (New GoToMeeting) 
  • Fix for Windows users unable to leave the meeting when they were on the pre-session window and exited from the sytsem tray (New GoToMeeting) 
  • Fix for the Mac paused Record icon switching off when a presenter shared their screen (New GoToMeeting) 
  • Fix for Windows users having to reset audio mode when they signed in from the pre-session window (New GoToMeeting)
  • Fix for Mac camera preferences not being remembered in future sessions (New GoToMeeting) 
  • Fix for Windows Viewer defaulting to the "Talking" camera filter upon joining (New GoToMeeting) 
  • Fix for in-session help windows and primary controls intermittently getting stuck in the upper left corner (New GoToMeeting) 
  • Fix for incorrect Recording status when scheduling organizer left the session (New GoToMeeting) 
  • Fix for intermittently missing Mac pre-session window on Mac 
  • Fix for missing Don't remind me again link in the Unmute Assistant 
  • Fix for app intermittently crashing due to webcam use
  • Fix for missing Speaker icon in the People pane (New GoToMeeting) 
  • Fix for truncated "Troubleshoot audio" text in Control Panels set to Spanish
  • Fix for missing Language drop-down in the pre-session window on certain computer Windows resolutions 
  • Fix for Zoom menu not closing after a presenter started screen sharing (New GoToMeeting) 
  • Fix for Zoom menu moving outside of the Viewer when users undocked webcams after screen sharing (New GoToMeeting)
  • Improvements to translated texts and layouts 
  • Updated Call Me texts
  • Cosmetic improvements to layouts (New GoToMeeting) 
  • Preferences link has been removed from the "You're muted" tooltip
  • The Windows GoToMeeting menu has been moved to the top of the Control Panel (New GoToMeeting) 
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