GoToMeeting Desktop App (v10.4.1, b15939) Release Notes

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GoToMeeting Desktop App (v10.4.1, b15939) Release Notes

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Organizers, if you've opted in to the New GoToMeeting, you can now take notes during a meeting and view them after the session along with the AI-generated highlights and action items, recording, and transcripts. Additionally, users will notice major improvements to the New GoToMeeting including Drawing Tools, updates to recording, and more! Read on to learn more.



  • Use Smart Notes in session (New GoToMeeting only)
  • Updates to recording (New GoToMeeting only)
  • Drawing Tools support (New GoToMeeting only)
  • Ability to call other to join the meeting (New GoToMeeting only) 
  • Improvements to New GoToMeeting
  • Fix for paused camera feeds (New GoToMeeting only)
  • Additional fixes and minor changes

Rollout plan:

This build was deployed to customers starting Nov. 21 and ends Dec. 2, 2019. 


What's New? 

Use Smart Notes In Session (New GoToMeeting Only)

  • Organizers can now take notes during the meeting and review them along with the auto-generated Smart Notes after the session! To launch Smart Notes in a browser during the session, users can click the Record icon and Open notes in a new browser. Windows organizers can check the "Open automatically" box to launch Smart Notes automatically for future recorded sessions; this checkbox will be available to Mac organizers in a future release. Learn more.

Note: Scheduling organizers must have online recording and Transcriptions enabled to use this feature. endpoint1040_notes.png



Updates to Recording (New GoToMeeting Only)

  • Improvements have been made to recording a session! 
    • There is a new look and feel to the Record icon and location.
    • Co-organizers can start their own local recording if the scheduling organizer is recording locally.
    • Attendees do not see the Record icon when meeting is not being recorded.endpoint1040_recordicon.png



Drawing Tools Support (New GoToMeeting)

  • Organizers can now use Drawing Tools during a meeting and allow attendees access to Drawing Tools. Learn more. endpoint1040_drawingtools.png


Ability to Call Others to Join the Meeting (New GoToMeeting) 

  • Organizers who have Call Me enabled can now call others from the desktop app and connect them to the meeting in session! This is an easy way for organizers to invite up to 5 attendees to join the audio conference of a GoToMeeting session via telephone. Note that only those who have Call Me enabled will see this option. Learn more. endpoint1040_dialout.png


Improvements to New GoToMeeting

Improvements have been made to the New GoToMeeting desktop app! Improvements include:

  • Additional audio settings for Mac (e.g., on-hold beeps, entry/exit chimes, audio troubleshooting, etc.) 
  • Presenter's ability to undock and dock camera feed
  • Updates to the pre-session window
  • Tooltips to help users navigate through the in-session controls 
  • Clearer audio help and error messages 
  • White border around active speaker's feed 
  • Mac ability to scroll through the Settings pane
  • Localization updates endpoint1040_macaudio.png



Bug Fixes & Minor Changes: 

Fix for Paused Camera Feeds

  • Previously, when a Windows user started sharing their screen while they had the Chat pane open, all cameras would go into the "Paused" state. As a workaround, users had to change the camera filter to get the feeds to load again. Now, camera feeds will remain active. 

Additional fixes and minor changes: 

  • Fix for hidden "Enter meeting password" prompt when attendees joined a session and took the app out of focus
  • Fix for users intermittently seeing a "Recording... (others also recording)" message
  • Fix for broken "Don't remind me again" link in the Mac Unmute Assistant when presenter changed (New GoToMeeting)
  • Fix for Mac app intermittently crashing due to backend reasons (New GoToMeeting) 
  • Fix for Mac app crashing when users started a second session from the My Meetings window after ending the first one (New GoToMeeting) 
  • Fix for missing post-session feedback survey 
  • Fix for users with keyboard and mouse control being able to access the presenter's GoToMeeting app (New GoToMeeting)
  • Fix for blank camera feed in the Hallway ("Waiting for organizer" screen) when Windows users chose to skip the pre-session window (New GoToMeeting) 
  • Fix for some Mac users unable to check the "Remember me on this computer" box on the Sign In window (New GoToMeeting)
  • Fix for meeting participants being able to hear an attendee's audio when they switched to Phone mode 
  • Fix for Windows users unable to join session when they clicked OK I'm Ready in the pre-session window right after launching (New GoToMeeting)
  • Fix for organizers intermittently hitting a "Waiting for organizer" message after signing in and connecting via Phone from the pre-session window (New GoToMeeting)
  • Fix for intermittent overlapping Mac icons (New GoToMeeting) 
  • Fix for missing horizontal sliders when users clicked on the Mic icon to mute and unmute themselves (New GoToMeeting)
  • Fix for camera feeds moving off the Viewer when users resized the panes (New GoToMeeting)
  • Fix for two GoToMeeting icons in the Windows menu bar when users are on the pre-session window (New GoToMeeting) 
  • Fix for broken Sign In link in the Windows pre-session window if the session was started on another computer (New GoToMeeting) 
  • Fix for Mac users unable to use third-party virtual webcam software (e.g., ManyCam) (New GoToMeeting)
  • Fix for app intermittently crashing due to backend services 
  • Users can press the Esc key to close the side pane in session (New GoToMeeting) 
  • Windows users can mute and unmute themselves by clicking the Mic icon in their camera feed (New GoToMeeting) 
  • Post-session feedback survey matches the classic instance (New GoToMeeting) 
  • "Session Identity" in Preferences is supported in Japanese, Korean, and Portuguese (New GoToMeeting) 
  • Reduced flickering when users opened and closed the Settings pane in the pre-session window (New GoToMeeting) 
  • Leave Meeting icon has been updated from red to white in the Windows pre-session window (New GoToMeeting)
  • Mac users can choose to "Skip audio options before connecting" from their Meeting Preferences (New GoToMeeting) 
  • The Mac Camera Position filter is only shown in certain scenarios (e.g., screen sharing is in progress, user are not in presenter mode, cameras are docked) (New GoToMeeting) 
  • Users now see the "GoToMeeting.png was saved to your desktop" message next to the Screenshot icon (New GoToMeeting) 
  • Users now see a disabled icon when no mic or camera is plugged in or detected (New GoToMeeting) 
  • Attendee names are displayed as "Attendee" with an assigned number (e.g., Attendee #1) if organizers has hidden the attendee list (New GoToMeeting) 
  • Drawing tools are available to attendees if the Presenter enables it (New GoToMeeting) 
  • Newly plugged in camera and audio devices prompt a "New hardware detected" message (New GoToMeeting) 
  • Clearer Mac Call Me error messages to prevent confusion (New GoToMeeting) 
  • Mac users running macOS Catalina (10.14) who denied GoToMeeting access to their hardware can now click the Mic or Camera icon to prompt the "Grant Access" dialog again (New GoToMeeting)
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