GoToMeeting Desktop App (v10.5.0, b16180) Release Notes

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GoToMeeting Desktop App (v10.5.0, b16180) Release Notes

GoTo Contributor

This release is full of improvements to New GoToMeeting including audio updates and bug fixes! 



  • Improvements to New GoToMeeting 
  • Platform and engine upgrades
  • Fix for missing GoToMeeting icon in taskbar 
  • The Windows desktop app logos have been updated in the system tray and GoToMeeting Suite
  • Additional fixes and minor changes

Rollout plan:

  • This build was deployed to customers starting Dec. 13 and ends Dec. 19, 2019. 


What's New?

Improvements to New GoToMeeting

Improvements have been made to the New GoToMeeting desktop app! Improvements include:

  • Additional audio settings for Windows (e.g., on-hold beeps, entry/exit chimes, audio troubleshooting, etc.) 
  • Windows Audio pane updates
  • Text updates to Camera layout filters
  • Updates to custom audio screen 
  • Localization updates
  • Tooltip updatesendpoint1050_windowsaudio.png


Platform and Engine Upgrades

  • The desktop platform has been upgraded to v2019.11.01 and the audio engine has been upgraded to v19.23. These upgrades provide overall improvements and bug fixes including: 
    • "Network Issues" error message for Microsoft Edge users who aren't able to establish an audio connection

Bug Fixes & Minor Changes:

Fix for Missing GoToMeeting Icon in Taskbar

  • Previously, when users minimized the GoToMeeting window, the app would intermittently be missing from the taskbar and there was no way to restore it. Now, the icon will remain on the taskbar.

Additional fixes and minor changes:

  • Fix for clipped Portuguese and French texts in the Smart Notes pop-out window
  • Fix for the Settings pane opening in the Hallway when user checked the "Skip preview next time" and joined 
  • Fix for intermittent patches of white blocks when users shared their screen 
  • Fix for co-organizers seeing both the "Enter Your Name and Email" window and pre-session window 
  • Fix for inability to sign in while editing name 
  • Fix for missing custom audio in the Windows pre-session window 
  • Fix for gray bars showing when webcam ratio was set to 4:3 
  • Drawing Tool fixes
  • Mac Presenters will be taken out of full screen mode when they start screen sharing so that they can select an application or window to share 
  • Zoom and scale fix for users who undocked webcams while on a computer with high DPI setting 
  • Alignment fix for the "Start Your Recording" button on Macs 
  • Call Me-only meetings will display no other audio options in the Settings pane 
  • Camera tooltips have been added for disabled webcams or missing device 
  • "Play Entry/Exit Chimes" status is synced across all Mac organizer and co-organizer Control Panels 
  • Text update for "Spotlight" in Chinese
  • The Windows desktop app logos have been updated in the system tray and GoToMeeting Suite endpoint1050_logos.png


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