GoToMeeting Desktop App (v10.7.0, b16576) Release Notes

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GoToMeeting Desktop App (v10.7.0, b16576) Release Notes

GoTo Contributor


  • Improvements to New GoToMeeting
  • Faster desktop app downloads
  • Bug fixes and minor changes

Rollout plan: 

  • This build was deployed to customers starting Jan. 24 and ends Feb. 3, 2020.

What's New? 

Improvements to New GoToMeeting

Improvements have been made to the New GoToMeeting desktop app! Improvements include:

  • Mac ability to save chat logs
  • Mac ability to edit audio modes in session 
  • Expand/collapse tooltips on Grab Tab

Faster Desktop App Downloads 

  • Users now experience faster desktop app downloads due to smaller GoToMeeting files.

Bug Fixes & Minor Changes: 

  • Fix for truncated "The organizer wants you to use the phone for this meeting" message on the pre-session audio window for Telephone-only meetings (New GoToMeeting) 
  • Fix for empty Mac Audio pane for attendees when organizers edited the audio mode before they joined (New GoToMeeting)
  • Fix for Mac attendees only able to draw in straight lines (New GoToMeeting) 
  • Fix for truncated "Long Distance" Korean text in the Control Panel 
  • Fix for inactive Camera button when users connected a new hardware during the session 
  • Fix for white border when in "View who's talking" mode 
  • Fix for some camera feeds not being displayed to Mac attendees 
  • Fix for inaccurate in-session audio status when Mac attendees dialed in from the Hallway (New GoToMeeting)
  • Fix for missing tooltip when users hit the Edit Name window or Skip Video Preview checkbox (New GoToMeeting)
  • Fix for missing private audio information when users clicked "I don't need audio" (New GoToMeeting) 
  • Fix for active Camera icon when there are no webcam devices connected (New GoToMeeting) 
  • Fix for Mac Mini users unable to start or join a meeting if no audio devices were connected (New GoToMeeting) 
  • Fix for Recording menu remaining open when organizers stopped the recording (New GoToMeeting) 
  • Fix for "You are no longer connected by phone" dialog not showing when Mac users were disconnected from the phone call and Settings pane was closed (New GoToMeeting) 
  • "I want to dial in" link is inactivate for Call Me only and VoIP + Call Me only meetings (New GoToMeeting) 
  • Call Me button is disabled if phone number is invalid or blank 
  • Text update to Unmute Assistant 
  • "What's new" link has been removed from the GoToMeeting Suite 
  • The ability to report audio issues is disabled when recording is in progress
  • Cosmetic updates
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