GoToMeeting Desktop App (v10.9.1, b17359) Release Notes

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GoToMeeting Desktop App (v10.9.1, b17359) Release Notes

GoTo Contributor


  • Improvements to New GoToMeeting
  • Bug fixes and minor changes

Rollout plan: 

  • This build was deployed to customers starting Apr. 9 and ends Apr. 24, 2020.


  • The following improvements have been made to the New GoToMeeting desktop app:
    • Mac webcam feeds are now stacked so users don't have to scroll (
    • Padding has been added to the Mac Viewer ensuring in-session controls do not overlap the shared screen (
    • Updates to Windows Presenter toolbar 
    • Faster join flow when connecting to audio via phone 
    • The side panel (i.e,. People, Chat, and Settings pane) now supports high contrast mode 
    • "<name> is presenting" message has been updated and placed to the bottom of the Windows Viewer 
    • "Actual Size, Scaled to Fit, and Zoom To" tooltips have been added to Zoom controls 
    • Windows can now copy/paste meeting details (e.g., Join link and meeting ID) from the Viewer 


  • Users can join personalized meeting room links (e.g., from the "Join a session" window 
  • Mac Viewer now displays consistent webcam feeds (16:9 aspect ratio) 
  • The Mac desktop app now updates to the latest version without launching (New GoToMeeting) 
  • Consistent formatting and text style in Audio pane
  • A new "Problem dialing in?" button is available for users who can't dial in (e.g., busy line, different country) and need alternate numbers 
  • Webcams are off by default for new users and installations
  • "Stop sharing" tooltip is now available in other supported languages
  • Mac users are no longer prompted with the pre-session window when switching from the Web App to the desktop app (New GoToMeeting)
  • Mac users who have not entered their PIN will see a "Already on the call? Press #<PIN># now" tooltip over their Mic icon 
  • Changes to default Mac app size and minimum window sizes 
  • First-time Windows users now see a Settings tooltip to help with switching audio or camera mode and devices 
  • Cosmetic and text updates to pre-session Audio window 
  • Fixed! Participants names were unreadable when users were on the Mac desktop app running macOS Catalina (10.15) (Classic GoToMeeting) 
  • Fixed! Promoted Mac organizers were not able to edit audio modes in session 
  • Fixed! Windows users could not click OK I'm ready to join the session if they had a small screen resolution with a high DPI (dots per inch) setting 
  • Fixed! Windows desktop app crashed due to backend server 
  • Fixed! The My Meetings window selected the last meeting in the list by default in the Windows desktop app
  • Fixed! Presenters could not access screen sharing controls when they shared an application and put it in full screen mode 
  • Fixed! Detached webcams would undock over shared content when users had multiple monitors (New GoToMeeting)
  • Fixed! Promoted Mac presenters saw an empty space in the Grab Tab (New GoToMeeting) 
  • Fixed! Zooming (from the Mac track pad or +/- keys) did not zoom in or out from the center of the screen (New GoToMeeting)
  • Fixed! The Grab Tab overlapped the Presenter toolbar when it was dragged
  • Fixed! Users experienced the Mac Welcome Mat drop-down list close while searching for a meeting ID 
  • Fixed! When Mac presenters shared an application window, it was sometimes buried underneath other applications 
  • Fixed! Clipped German text in Audio pane 
  • Fixed! Mac app would hang on the pre-session window during peak meeting hours 
  • Fixed! Mac app intermittently crashed at the end of a session
  • Fixed! Mac users saw a blank pre-session window when they experienced a bandwidth connection delay 
  • Fixed! German text was truncated in the Report Audio Issues window
  • Fixed! Screen sharing drop-down list was missing for users who chose not to prompt the "Share your screen" window 
  • Fixed! Users unable to join a personalized meeting room (e.g., from the Welcome Mat 
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