GoToMeeting Desktop App (v8.20.0, b8199) Release Notes

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GoToMeeting Desktop App (v8.20.0, b8199) Release Notes

GoTo Contributor

This release may not include any big features but it does include important bug fixes and general improvements.



  • Fix for broken in-product Help link
  • Additional bug fixes and minor changes

Rollout plan:

  • This build was deployed to customers beginning January 22, 2017.

Bug Fixes:

Fix for Broken In-Product Help Link

  • Previously, when organizers couldn't connect to the GoToMeting server, they saw a broken help page launch in a browser. Now, they will be redirected to the proper "I can't join my session" help page. (COLLABEP-20898)

Additional fixes & minor changes:

  • Fix for attendees sometimes seeing black boxes when a Presenter shared from a Windows computer (PLASST-56)
  • Fix for "Dial In" pink tooltip to only appear when Phone call mode is the default audio mode or when users switch to Phone call mode from Computer mic & speakers (VoIP) or Call Me (COLLABEP-15997)
  • Fix for a clipped Viewer when users manually resized it too small (COLLABEP-20413)
  • Fix for some links the Windows Chat window not opening correctly in the browser (COLLABEP-20848)
  • Fix for the order of displayed countries changing when organizers edit the built-in audio countries in the Windows Scheduler (COLLABEP-20993)
  • Fix for a "Caller 01 has left" notification appearing in the Windows Control Panel when a Call Me user hangs up (COLLABEP-16135)
  • Fix for webcam feed tooltip flicking on and off when users hovered over it (COLLABEP-20881)
  • Fix for users in the Xen environment hitting an "unexpected error" when scheduling meetings (COLLABEP-20989)
  • Copyright has been updated to the year 2018 (COLLABEP-20999; -21000)
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