GoToMeeting Desktop App (v8.34.0, b9446) Release Notes

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GoToMeeting Desktop App (v8.34.0, b9446) Release Notes

LogMeIn Contributor

Oh back-to-back meetings  if you use the same meeting ID or GoToMeet.Me room, you've been there. You're about to wrap up your session, but attendees from your next meeting start arriving early. This could be a distraction but it no longer is with the new Meeting Lock feature! You can now lock your meeting to prevent additional attendees from joining until you are ready. Once you unlock the meeting, all waiting attendees will be connected. Read on to learn more.




  • Lock your meetings

  • New "GoToMeeting Audio Assistant" window
  • Improvements to reporting audio issues
  • Updates to "Turn Off Webcams" warnings
  • Additional bug fixes and minor changes

Rollout plan:

  • This build was deployed to customers beginning September 7 and ends September 14, 2018. 

What's New?

Lock Your Meetings

  • Organizers and co-organizers can now lock their meetings to prevent additional attendees from joining! That means if a meeting goes over the scheduled time or if attendees join early, organizers will no longer have to worry about being disrupted by an unexpected attendee. Once the meeting is in session, users can click the Lock icon at the bottom of the Control Panel to lock and unlock the meeting. Learn more
    • If an attendee joins the meeting after it's been locked,
      • the organizer will see a "Someone is waiting to join this locked meeting" pop-up notification (on Windows) and a "Someone is waiting to join..." message at the bottom of the Control Panel.
      • the attendee will be placed in the Hallway with a "Waiting for organizer to unlock the meeting" message.
      • attendees joining via Phone call will hear a "The organizer has locked this meeting" message.
    • If the organizer unlocks the meeting,
      • all attendees waiting to join will be connected to the meeting. 
    • If the organizer ends the meeting while attendees are waiting to join,
      • all participants will see the "Meeting has ended" message.  
  • Notes:
    • Meetings are unlocked as default.
    • Currently, there is no way to view a list of waiting attendees or unlock the meeting for a specific attendee.Endpoint8340_meetinglock.png





New "GoToMeeting Audio Assistant" Window

  • A new "GoToMeeting Audio Assistant" help window has been added to the Control Panel. In the Audio tab, users can click Troubleshooting to view the pop-up help window that will have answers to commonly experienced audio issues. Endpoint8340_audioassistant.png



Improvements to Reporting Audio Issues

  • Users will notice improvements when they report audio issues! Previously, GoToMeeting recorded 60 seconds of audio data and then prompted the Feedback window. Now, users will experience a more streamlined reporting process when they click the GoToMeeting drop-down menu in the Control Panel and click Report Audio Issues. Learn moreendpoint8340_reportaudio.png



Bug Fixes & Minor Changes:

Updates to "Turn Off Webcam" Warnings

  • Improvements have been made to the warning messages displayed when the app detects a slow computer or connection.Endpoint8340_slow.png



Additional fixes and minor changes:

  • Fix for the Mac "Audio Issue Reporting" folder intermittently being deleted before the organizer can send in feedback
  • Fix for a blank Mac "Audio Selection" window when attendees rejoined after closing the Hallway ("Waiting for organizer" screen) 
  • Fix for distorted Rectangle (Labs feature) when users with a high DPI (high resolution) monitor shared their screen 
  • Fix for app crashing when attendees left a webinar as video sharing began  
  • Fix for attendees experiencing the app crashing when the presenter resized a shared application/window 
  • Improvements have been made to Mac's screen sharing performance 
  • Hidden webcam filters will now reset at the end of every session