GoToMeeting Desktop (v8.21.0, b8404) Release Notes

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GoToMeeting Desktop (v8.21.0, b8404) Release Notes

LogMeIn Contributor

 Know exactly what you are sharing with the new "Share my screen" window! Rather than a long drop-down list of available screens to share, GoToMeeting will now launch a new window with clean tabs and thumbnail previews of each screen and application.  Learn more about other improvements and bug fixes included in this release.



  • New "Share my screen" window
  • New look and feel to "End meeting" window
  • Removal of Video Sharing Labs feature
  • Fix for missing attendee in list
  • Fix for inconsistent audio state in Macs
  • Improvements to the Windows Control Panel layout
  • Additional fixes & minor changes


Rollout plan:

  • This build was deployed to customers beginning February 26, 2018.


What's New?

New "Share My Screen" Window

  • The new "Share my screen" window for both Windows and Mac makes screen sharing easier than ever! The presenter can now see a thumbnail preview of a screen or application window before they actually share it. Previously, users had to choose a screen to share from a drop-down list in the Control Panel displaying all running monitors and applications (this list is still available in case a presenter wishes to quickly switch between screens and applications). When presenters click the Screen icon, they will now experience a separate window with usability improvements and cosmetic updates, including: (PLASST-322; -117)
    • Tabbed window with Screen, Applications, and Whiteboard options (Whiteboard is available on Mac only)
    • Preview thumbnails
    • Keyboard accessibility (Tab key, Esc key, Enter key and Arrow keys) to go through options
    • Clean screen checkbox (hide desktop icons, background, and task bar) (Windows only)
    • Adjustable window size
    • Clear highlight and border around optionendpoint8210_sharemyscreen.png


New Look and Feel to "End Meeting" Window

  • The "End meeting" window has been given a new look and feel to prevent confusion between ending a meeting for all and leaving a meeting. Improvements include clearer dialog, de-emphasis on the "End meeting for all" option, and a new feedback option. (COLLABEP-15792; -20860)endpoint8210_leavemeeting.png


Removal of Video Sharing Labs Feature

  • Video Sharing has been removed from the Labs menu. An improved version of this feature is planned for the future. (COLLABEP-20875)


Bug Fixes & Minor Changes:

Fix for Missing Hacked Attendee in List

  • Previously, attendees on a hacked Web App client could join an unauthorized audio conference without appearing in the Attendee list. Now, they will appear in the Attendee list and the organizer will be able to dismiss them as long as they have the "unidentified caller" setting enabled. (COLLABEP-21011)

Fix for Inconsistent Audio State in Macs

  • Previously, Mac users with weak internet connection saw inconsistent audio states between the Control Panel and Grab Tab. The Mic icon will now reflect the correct audio state of users. (COLLABEP-20730)

Improvements to Windows Control Panel Layout

  • Improvements have been made to the layout of the Control Panel that addresses the inability to expand the Audio pane in GoToMeeting. Improvements include: (COLLABEP-21212)
    • Share Group pane (Audio, Screen, Webcam sub-panes) always remaining open
    • Never collapsing the most recently expanded pane

Additional fixes:

  • Fix for network failure causing invalid audio states (muted audio seeing unmuted audio icon in the Control Panel) (COLLABEP-20879)
  • Fix for missing text in the Hallway (Waiting for organizer screen) for accounts set to Spanish (COLLABEP-21133)
  • The Copyright year on the Mac desktop app been updated (COLLABEP-21337)