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GoToMeeting Direct Downloads Release Notes

GoTo Contributor

Users who do not have the GoToMeeting desktop app installed can now install the app with a direct download link!



  • New download link
  • New installation look and feel

What's New?


New Download Link

  • There is a new download link that allows users to download the desktop app without joining a test session! Once installed, users will see the GoToMeeting Suite where they can enter the meeting ID and join the meeting. If users have an organizer account and click "Meet Now," "Schedule Meeting", or "My Meetings", they will then be prompted with the Sign In window. Learn more.G2Msuite.png

New Installation Look and Feel

  • A new look and feel has been added to the installation pages. Changes include the following:
    • "GoToMeeting Opener.exe" file renamed to "GoToMeeting Installer.exe" (Windows)
    • Clean and modern look
    • Installation status updates (e.g., "Installing GoToMeeting", "Success") on the browser page
  • Learn more about installing on Windows and Mac.directdownload_1.png
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‎03-04-2019 06:33 PM
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