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GoToMeeting for Alexa Skill

LogMeIn Contributor

Link your GoToMeeting account to your Amazon Alexa and start managing your meetings by voice! Once the skill is enabled from the Amazon store, you will be able to schedule (and reschedule) meetings and have Alexa read out the list of your upcoming meetings. Learn more about enabling the skill


GoToMeeting commands and phrases

Use this comprehensive list of phrases and commands you can use to interact with Alexa.


  • Ask
  • Tell
  • Launch 
  • Open


  • Get my meetings for [date]
  • Reschedule me [meeting name] meeting from [current date/time] to [updated date/time]
  • Schedule a [meeting name] meeting for [date/time]

Example phrases

  • Hey Alexa, ask GoToMeeting to get my meetings for today.
  • Hey Alexa, tell GoToMeeting to reschedule my Monthly Review meeting from today at 12PM PDT to tomorrow at 12PM PDT.
  • Hey Alexa, open GoToMeeting and schedule a Monthly Review meeting for tomorrow at 12PM PDT.