GoToRoom with Dolby Voice (v4.12.0) Release Notes

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GoToRoom with Dolby Voice (v4.12.0) Release Notes

GoTo Contributor

Admins that manage GoToRoom systems can now oversee the health status of their system and devices connections.



  • Health status monitoring for GoToRoom systems and devices (Admin only)
  • Fix for inability to present from room
  • Fix for inability to hide webcams
  • Camera mode is set to "People" by default
  • Additional fixes and minor changes

What's New?

Health Status Monitoring for GoToRoom Systems and Devices (Admin Only)

  • Admins that manage GoToRoom systems can now oversee the health status of their systems and devices connections, so they can be informed when to take action when needed.  Health monitoring includes information about whether the systems are online or offline, and whether device connections are connected or not found.  Admins can also see if a device is currently in use on the Room Details page. Learn more.
  • Additionally, all device types (NUC, Chromebox, Dolby) report an online or offline status. However, Chromeboxes and Dolby do not report status of all peripheral device connections (i.e., audio input, audio output) at this time. admincenter_roomhealth.png

Bug Fixes & Minor Changes:

Fix for Inability to Present from Room

  • Previously, users in the room could not present after promoting another attendee to presenter. Now, users in the room can take back presentership if they started the meeting from Dolby Voice. 

Additional fixes and minor changes:

  • Fix for inability to hide webcams 
  • Fix for inability to start a password-protected meeting
  • The Camera mode is set to "People" by default 
  • The home screen is now set to 24 hour time format 
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‎11-18-2019 02:24 PM
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