Improvements to Passing Presenter Roles

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Improvements to Passing Presenter Roles

LogMeIn Contributor

Simplify collaborative meeting interactions! Organizers can now choose to let attendees present without permission. That means participants of any role can share their screen without having to ask the organizer "Can you make me the presenter?" Read on to learn more.


Enable the Presenter Setting (Organizer) 

1. Log in at 

2. In the top toolbar, click Settings.

3. In the "When attendees join" section, check the Attendees can present without permission box. 




Share Your Screen During a Session (Organizers and Attendees)

1. In the Control Panel, click the Share icon.

2. Choose what you'd like to share in the "Share my screen" window.

3. Click Share. Note that this is your last warning! Your screen will automatically be broadcasted once you click Share. Learn more.