Introducing TeamShare for GoToConference.

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Introducing TeamShare for GoToConference.

LogMeIn Manager



Today I am happy to share with you TeamShare, a new feature just added to GoToConferencing, our all-in-one video conferencing solution.G2C Presentation 1 Home resized.png


Imagine you and a co-worker step into one of your GoToConference meeting rooms for an impromptu discussion.  You realize that you have some content on your laptop that you would like to share with them but, instead of you both crowding around your laptop, you open your Chrome browser and moments later your content is clearly visible on the GoToConferenece display. 


TeamShare allows you to quickly and easily share content from a local computer to your GoToConference display. It's as simple as typing a URL into Chrome!

 G2C Presentation 2 Ready to Show rezize.png