Launcher Service (v2.47) and GoTo Opener App (b494) Release Notes

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Launcher Service (v2.47) and GoTo Opener App (b494) Release Notes

GoTo Contributor


  • Improvements to searching for GoToMeeting on macOS
  • Bug fixes and minor changes


What's New?


Improvements to Searching for GoToMeeting on macOS

  • All macOS users will now only see one GoToMeeting application result when they search for the app within Finder, Spotlight, or Launchpad. (COLLABEP-24459)


Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

  • Visual improvements made to all GoTo Opener prompts and dialogs to accommodate high resolution viewing in Windows 10.  (GTMTWO-25576)
  • Fix for allowing GoToMyPC to be installed on a macOS system that has a case-sensitive file system.  Previously, users installing in this type of environment would encounter a "Failed to launch the installer" error message with no ability to proceed.  (GTMTWO-23883)
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