Update to meeting search feature in the GoTo App

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Update to meeting search feature in the GoTo App

GoTo Manager



The GoTo App search bar for past meetings has improved! You can now search for meetings that were not recorded, search for terms that were in meeting notes, and search for terms that are in the transcripts.


  • Notes will save on both recorded and non-recorded sessions
  • Transcripts only save on recorded sessions
  • Searchable terms
    • Example ID: 123-456-789
      • Search will find “1234”
      • Search will not find “6789”
    • Any words in the Meeting Title
    • Meeting attendee names
    • Words from meeting notes
    • Words from meeting transcripts
    • Meeting ID (must start from the beginning for partial ID)

Search past meetings via Meeting ID



Search past meetings via Notes


  • Irrespective if the meeting is recorded or not, customers will now be able to search the content of the Notes taken during the Session.
  • Customers can search content generated out of Smart Notes.
  • Also, Search smartly considers if there are any post-session updates to the Notes.



Search past meetings on adjoining words


  • Customers can search adjoining words too and get their anticipated results out from past sessions



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‎05-12-2023 05:26 PM
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