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Can I blank my Host computers screen?

I want to blank my Host computers screen, how can I do this? I'm having trouble blanking my Host screen.
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Re: Can I blank my Host computers screen?

YOu can select to blank your Host PCs screen in the GoToMyPC Preferences, on the security tab. If you are having trouble please read the FAQs below:

Q: What is a video card
A: A video card is a device in your computer that is given the task of drawing the graphics that you see on your monitor

Q: How does the GoToMyPC screen blanking feature work
A: GoToMyPC screen blanking makes use of a feature that most video cards support called a hardware overlay. An overlay is a way of having a video card draw something and send it directly to a monitor instead of having it go through the rest of the computer.

Most video cards support this and have dedicated resources for overlays to be used as needed. These resources can be used to do things like play high definition videos smoothly on a computer. GoToMyPC uses these resources to tell a video card to draw a layer of solid color on the top of the image of your computer's desktop. The idea is that GoToMyPC captures the image of your desktop and shows it to the person who is remotely connected the desktop and anyone who walks by the computer only sees the layer of color on top.

Q: I got a message that GoToMyPC is unable to blank out my host computer screen. Why
A: Your computer's video card interacts with other programs like GoToMyPC using driver software or a driver for short. This message appears when GoToMyPC tries to blank out your host computer screen and the driver software reports back that it failed to do so. This can happen for a variety of reasons.

-Download and install the latest drivers for your computer's video card
Usually, screen blanking will fail the driver for your video card may not support or may have compatibility issues with the way GoToMyPC attempts to blank out the screen. We recommend visiting either the manufacturer support page for your computer or the manufacturer support page for your video card to download the latest driver. Newer drivers improve compatibility and may add support for certain features that a previous version of the driver did not. If you do install an update to your computer's video card, make sure to reboot your computer in order for the changes to take effect.

-Make sure that hardware acceleration is not disabled
If you have turned off hardware acceleration in Windows or using software that came with your video card, re-enable it for the screen blanking feature to work. Unless you have specifically disabled hardware acceleration, it is not likely that you need to check or configure these settings.

-Your video card might not support hardware overlays
While it is very uncommon, a few video cards do not support hardware overlays. Most video card manufacturers make manuals for their video cards available online. You can consult these manuals for details on supported features.

Q: What if I have multiple monitors? Can GoToMyPC blank out multiple monitors
GoToMyPC can blank out as many monitors as your video card or video cards have the resources for. There are lots of video cards that support multiple monitors, however most

of these video cards only have the resources available to support hardware overlays for only a single monitor. What this means for you is that if you have two monitors attached to one video card, it's likely that only your primary monitor will blank out when remotely connected through GoToMyPC. Again, this is because your video card does not have the resources set aside to support hardware overlays with two displays.

Q: Are there video cards that have resources to blank out multiple monitors
A: Yes. There are a few. We are working on confirming compatibility with ATI's Firepro series and the ATI's Radeon 5000 series.

Q: What if I have two video cards
A: If you have two video cards, and two monitors, GoToMyPC should be able to blank out both monitors. The resources of each video card will be used to blank out one monitor. This may be a solution if you need to have multiple monitors blanked out and your video card is only blanking out one monitor. If you have two video cards and are still experiencing issues with blanking out multiple monitors, make sure you have the latest version of GoToMyPC, version 7.2 build 635 installed. You can upgrade your computer to this version by running our installer/uninstaller and selecting "Update" when prompted. It is available here:

Q: I don't get an error message about screen blanking, but the monitor doesn't actually blank out
A: GoToMyPC sends instructions to blank out the monitor to the driver of your computer's video card. GoToMyPC needs the driver software to confirm whether or not screen blanking was successful. If the driver does not communicate any issues to GoToMyPC, GoToMyPC will not be able to detect whether or not screen blanking was successful. It is recommended that you update the driver for your video card to try and resolve this.

Q: Can GoToMyPC blank out the screen on a Mac host computer
A: At this time, the Screen blanking feature works on Windows host computers only
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Re: Can I blank my Host computers screen?

We have just released GoToMyPC version 8 in Beta. This version uses a completely new method of blanking out your host computer screen when you are remotely connected. This new version will allow GoToMyPC to blank out all of your computer's monitors. We have also seen this new method blank out the screen for users who have not been able to get the screen blanking feature to work before. For instructions on enrolling in the new Beta program to receive this new version visit: