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New Contributor

Cancel my GoToMyPC monthly plan

Hi, I'm trying to cancel my personal 1 computer monthly plan with GoToMyPC as I no longer need the services.  I am based in the UK and have tried phoning both support phone numbers without luck, the toll free number says it is not recognised and the other says I need a ticket but as I don't have one, it just hangs up.


I emailed on the 29/09/2020 but have not had any response yet.


Please can someone either respond to me via email or get in touch how I can cancel this.


Apologies if I am doing something silly with the support contact number - the number I am dialing is 1-866-342-7561 (which is not recognised).


Thanks in advance.

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Cancel my GoToMyPC monthly plan

Hi Adam,

I'm afraid we don't have email support, though I am concerned about the support number you dialed.  I believe you may have called the U.S.  Can you call the UK phone numbers  808-031-4762 or Long Distance: +44 20 7 851-8456 ?