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Re: How to fix GoToMyPC host offline or connection issues

Yes. I can take over most of our PCs with gotoassist.
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Re: How to fix GoToMyPC host offline or connection issues

The machines are still offline?

Re: Multiple machines dropping out of available status today

Goto seems to have made all our  machines come online again last night but given that half my users get timeouts from Gotomypc when they try to log in, even after GTMPC service restarts, I'm not impressed.

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Re: How to fix GoToMyPC host offline or connection issues

Still can't connect to remote computers. I have tried all fixes listed.

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Re: How to fix GoToMyPC host offline or connection issues

@cjlawson could you please send a DM to @Abhishek Yadav and share the email address that you are using with GoToMyPC and the logs from the host machine? 

Here are the links for downloading logs:
1. Windows OS -

2. MacOS -

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Re: How to fix GoToMyPC host offline or connection issues

How about fixing your software. Nothing but issues for the last 6 months. At this point Chrome Remote desktop is proven to be better. 

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Re: How to fix GoToMyPC host offline or connection issues



We are aware that after our recent maintenance, some customers may still be having trouble connecting to a remote machine or the remote machine is showing as unavailable. To resolve this issue please follow the steps listed in the below article:

My host computer is offline or unavailable

  1. Reboot your host computer.
    Note: If you are not physically by your host computer, you will need to find someone who can reboot it for you.
  2. On your client computer, check if the host computer you're trying to access is back online.
    Troubleshooting: It the host computer is still offline, please reinstall GoToMyPC on your client computer.
  3. Check your computer's status again and try connecting.

My host computer is available but the connection is failing

  1. Log in to your account at
  2. On the My Computers page, find your host computer and select GlennD_0-1674594088434.pngRestart Computer.
  3. Wait a few minutes for the computer to restart.
  4. Try connecting again.
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Free user and admin training

Logins are completely shot

users trying to log into Gotomypc get stuck on the 2-step verification page. Even after approving the login request on our phones Gotomypc will sit on the 'please approve the login request sent to your phone' screen. Some users report that entering the one-time passcode from LastPass Authenticator app gets them to a list of available PCs, but then clicking on a PC boots them back to the login screen. At least one user has tried to get 'text/sms passcode on phone' to work and received a 'failed to send PassCode via SMS' message. One user got past 2fa but upon trying to access her computer she was left at a black screen rather than the Windows logon.


At least six of our users experienced problems this morning where logging into Gotomypc got them booted out of their computers, followed by GTMPC resetting, followed by eventually allowing them in. I do not know if this is related to the sudden onset of two-factor issues.


I have not phoned Goto about this yet because trying to find someone who will actually speak to me about tech support is all but impossible. 


EDIT: is now giving me a 502 Bad Gateway error, THAT'S reassuring

New Contributor

Can't log in to Go to My PC

None of the users can log into GTMPC.  Any ideas?


Multiple machines showing as unavailable including ones with active user sessions

After getting bad gateway errors and at least one instance of what should have been My Computers giving me a URL involving 'dummyhost' and ' I am now seeing the majority of my company's machines listed as Unavailable. Including at least eight machines that have ACTIVE USER CONNECTIONS LISTED.


I cannot tell my users who are having slow or intermittent connections to restart the service or the computer using the Goto page if all of our machines start showing up as unavailable! What is going on?