Add Interest Level Column to Go To Training Reports

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Add Interest Level Column to Go To Training Reports

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Add Interest Level Column to Go To Training Reports

Our company is currently focusing on engagement levels in the courses that we facilitate. Many of the courses are online via Go To Training. I was just informed yesterday that this column is currently not available in the GTT reports, only Go To Webinar. Considering we can see the engagement level while we are on the call, it would be a great addition to have this information reportable in analytics.

ned webb
New Member
Ditto! Just this morning, we (trainers) were discussing this very need! Great idea.
Active Contributor

It's obvious that they know how to create an engagement report.  The feature is available in GoToWebinar.  What I do not understand is LogMeIn's lack of content for users of the product.  Trying to figure out how to make the program work has been a big waste of time.  I have had to call support every day since I installed GTT.  Many times even they cannot help.

Retired GoTo Contributor

@psnikon  I apologize for the recent difficulty you experienced with GoToTraining services.  We will be adding more features to the GoTo Suite this year, so you may be able to access additional data points as well as switch to GoToWebinar for large, interactive audiences if needed.

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Hi Ash.  I would have purchased GoToWebinar if the program had the features I need.  I was required to purchase GoToTraining, which is more expensive because GoToWebinar lacks integrated testing and evaluations.  Logically, one might think that the more expensive product would have the functionality of the lesser product but have more features.  Apparently not so.  I hope that LogMeIn will add functionality to GoToTraining too.

GoTo Moderator
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