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Allow Admins Full Access To Registration Actions

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Allow Admins Full Access To Registration Actions

Our company holds about 4 webinars a month, with an average of 50 registrants per event. We have 1 GoTo Training License, with 8 GoTo Meeting Accounts plus GoTo Connect for the phone service.

Our problem is that we have a lot of registered attendees that aren't receiving a confirmation email, they didn't check junk mail, or they registered a month ago and forgot about the event. So I am responsible for generating the lists, and we have to make 200 phone call reminders a month. 

What would help, is if I wasn't the only one with access to the registrant lists. It would be beneficial for our company to have 1 License with 1 coordinator/presenter, but we can have 2-3 assistants who have access to the registrant information and can cancel, register, or resend confirmation emails. This would reduce our constant redundancies and time involved with back and forth emails, list generations, and help create a faster response time. 

This system costs a lot annually, and it makes sense that the license extend to "helpers" of some kind.

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