Can the administrative organization of recorded webinars be organized in the manner of live webinars?

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Can the administrative organization of recorded webinars be organized in the manner of live webinars?

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Can the administrative organization of recorded webinars be organized in the manner of live webinars?

Currently I offer a health science topic through Citrix GoToTraining for fellow professionals in live format as well as recorded webinars, and both of these are being accessed by attendees.  Can the recorded webinar be organized in the same way as the live events?  The following is the problem:  

In regard to the recorded webinars, my issue as the organizer is that some detective work is required to determine if a registrant has paid or has not yet paid for the recorded training.  When clicking on the My Recordings page, I can click on a specific date, and then click on View Registration Report.  This report does not list whether a registrant has paid for the recorded training, whereas I can access a registration report for live webinars that includes the payment status of the registrants.  I can also readily view the Registrant Details for those who register for the live events, but this is not readily available for those who register for the recorded events.  

This could be easily remedied by adding in another field in the EXCEL spreadsheet for payment status of those registering for a recorded webinar, as it is for the live events.  

Currently, the only way to generate Registrant Details for a single individual who has registered for a recording is to go into my email, and search for notification from Citrix of individuals who have registered, then click on the enclosed link for that information.  

The entire process would be smoother if both the live and recorded webinars were identically structured, and this should also include the registrant's ability to complete the evaluation tool online, and not just the test.  Currently only attendees of the live event can complete both the test and the evaluation tool online.  I am required by my credentialing body to obtain both a test an evaluation tool for this educational offering in my field, and because attendees of the recorded webinars do not yet have the option to complete the evaluation tool online, I must send out an email to each recording registrant and advise them to complete the test online, but to complete the evaluation tool by downloading the PDF, and then return the completed evaluation  to me via cut and paste or as a Word document.  This creates so much unnecessary administrative work for me as the organizer, and also gives the attendee an odd disconnect in that the attendee is advised to complete the test online, but not so for the evaluation tool.  This result is this:  with every recorded training, I receive emails from attendees who state that they took the test but could not find the evaluation tool, etc.  This is in spite of the fact that I include an instruction sheet in the course materials that are attached to the recording, and these instructions clearly explain that for attendees of the recorded webinar, the test is completed online, but the evaluation tool must be downloaded, completed, and then returned to me via email.  

Although both the live training and the recorded training are identical in content, there is currently an element of cognitive dissonance when the organizer wishes to access critical administrative information, in that the administrative format varies so much between the live training and the recorded training.  Please streamline the process as soon as possible.  

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Any update on this issue LogMeIn?

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With regards to setting up a recorded GoToTraining with RevStream PayPal integrations + full registration pages, have you considered testing the functionality of 'Anytime Trainings' ?


With this setup, you can offer on-demand, pay-for-play Training broadcasts that you may then publish, or temporarily decommission as you see fit.


Reference this video for a demonstration:  Anytime Trainings


  1. Ensure your GoToTraining Pro or GoToTraining Plus is set to use Online Recording through the GoToTraining Recording Settings page
  2. Schedule your training and include any tests and materials needed
  3. Host your live event and record as normal
  4. After the training has finished, click Publish to turn the Anytime Training on
  5. Click Publish on the pop-up that shows what tests and materials will be included
  6. After the recording has processed use the recording link to share the Anytime Training with attendees

NOTE: Anytime Training is only an option with GoToTraining Online Recordings, it is not applicable to manually uploaded recordings.

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An issue with Anytime Trainings is that it doesn't include the evaluation that was provided in the live event. It has Tests and Materials, but not Evaluations.

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The evaluation tool is important in my training as well.  I offer a course via GoToTraining/LogMeIn for those in my healthcare specialty, and it's a medical compliance issue that I must provide a test and an evaluation for any continuing education credits approved by my credentialing body.   Providing the evaluation tool separately is disjointed and appears unprofessional.  Would be grateful if the recorded trainings could be organized in the manner of the live trainings.