Cancellation email to Host

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Cancellation email to Host

Cancellation email to Host

Is it possible to set up a notification email that would be sent to the host when a participant cancel's their registration?

GoTo Manager
Hi Toni,

Unfortunately this is not currently supported, I am switching this to an Idea so it can be considered for a future update.

Lindsay Peterse
New Member
I would also like to strongly request this feature!
John P Kelliher
New Member
Lindsay and Glenn,

We are having serious issues with keeping track of cancellations ourselves. It would be helpful if at least the GoToWebinar API had a cancellation call. So now we have all of these registrants that just look like they failed to attend, not that they actually cancelled. 

We have spoken with LogMeIn (GTW parent company) about this and their system has the API for cancellations. However, they do not seem to be in any hurry to offer this to the GTW customers. Please raise this issue as many times as you can. This causes a truly poor user experience.

By not having the cancellation API call, any third part app where the user registers will maintain the registrant. Therefore, any follow up communications sent to the webinar registrants end up being sent to those who already cancelled. 

A notification to the host would be even simpler. My understanding is that GTW had this feature but took it away.

GTW - please correct this as soon as possible. It is a simple API rule.

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GoTo Moderator
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Active Contributor

I agree with everyone's comments here.  My company tasks me with providing a biweekly report of new registrants, cancellations, and I have to pull a new report each time and then scroll through the list to see what changes I may have.


I would like to see a new feature added that will automatically notify the Organizer of cancellations as they happen by sending an email.


This will allow me to identify and make changes without having to scan the entire list of names for the cancellation.



S Denison

Atlanta, Ga

GoTo Moderator

@SDenis_2 thanks for your comment here. It will be shared with the team, I know this feature has been asked for with GoTo Webinar too. Please feel free to vote for this as well by pushing the Red Hand near the original post.