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Customize Certificates

Customize Certificates

It would be helpful to be able to customize the certificates that training participants receive after completing the training.  The following will make the certificates better:

  • Add our company logo
  • Display the number of hours
  • Allow for changing the trainer's signature.

Thank you!


Very good point @VRLDO !!

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Can the certificates be revised in order to be customized?  I have been an organizer with GoTo since 2015 and have periodically requested customizable certificates.


I work in the health sciences as an approved continuing education provider for registered nurses in the U.S. and also in my area of specialty, which is board-certified.  One criterion for this approval is to provide a certificate of completion for on-demand training or a certificate of attendance for live events.  There is specific information that must be listed on the certificate, including the date of training/completion, the number of continuing education hours awarded, and the approval codes from each of the two bodies that approve my training each year. 


This is an aspect of medical compliance in all 50 states for those who are licensed in the health sciences, in that a license to practice in one's state must be renewed annually, and the renewal process includes the requirement to complete a specified number of approved continuing education hours each year.   This applies to any healthcare professional who must be licensed in order to legally practice in any of the 50 U.S. states, including physicians, nurses, physical therapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, dieticians, and so on.   


Furthermore, strict record-keeping is necessary in the event of an audit, so I maintain electronic records as well as paper records in the event of an audit.  My credentialing body reserves the right to audit the training records of continuing education providers every six years, another aspect of medical compliance in my profession.  My record-keeping as a continuing education provider includes the time spent by each attendee in the live trainings, as well as the test that each attendee must complete and the evaluation tool.  Those reports are available to GoTo organizers, but trainers do not currently have the ability to customize the certificates.  


Another important aspect of customizable certificates is the ability to customize when the certificates are sent out.  This is currently available in part, but there is not yet a way in which to customize the timeline for sending the certificates so that they are sent out electronically ONLY if the test and the evaluation tool have been submitted.  


In order to work around this constraint, I have been sending out individual certificates via email ONLY when I can document that the test and evaluation tool have been received from each registrant/attendee.  I have been doing this work-around since September 2015.


These improvements would be very much appreciated.  Please advise if there are customizable certificates on the horizon.    



I have posted this recently, and notice these go back to 2017!!!!!

Please, please can you let us brand our own certificates. 
I have requested this many time and no reply.
1. . Crucially it does not pull through the length of time attended which is why they need them in the first place and
2. It does not fit in with our branding - colours and own log
3. The email to the trainer has a copy of the follow up email, which we include links  to feedback. They apppear as links in the email copy to trainer, but crucially, the follow up email which goes to the delegate, does not view them as links, ie does not convert to links so they are not likely to copy and past the links to complete feedback or google review, as additional step.
Support have confirmed this is the case but community postings do not do anything. I am pulling my hair out on this. What next please? 

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I agree with what the user @dswank  above sa. 


We host around 100 classes a year on this platform that are state required continuing education for our clients. Similar to the customer above, there is certain information that absolutely needs on these certificates, including the course name, code, number of credit hours, the name of the person who attended. That information essentially constitutes a legal document, as learners use their certificates as proof that they have kept up with state-required continuing education. As such, errors with these certificates are very difficult for us to manage.


With the font sizes not being customizable, its hard to include everything at times. Our course names can be a bit long as the trainings are often on very specific topics that need clarification in the title. It would be really great if we could customize similar to the format below.


Pat The Trainer
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We need to be able to restrict a registered attendee (who did not complete the multiple classes) from receiving a certificate, including a participant who leaves a class early before (a single class) completion.


Finally, we would like to be able to receive or print copies of all employees' certificates for their employee files.