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Customize Certificates

Customize Certificates

It would be helpful to be able to customize the certificates that training participants receive after completing the training.  The following will make the certificates better:

  • Add our company logo
  • Display the number of hours
  • Allow for changing the trainer's signature.

Thank you!

GoTo Manager

Hi Jon, currently this is an Idea for consideration in a future update, currently there is no ETA for when this will be possible. A soon as there is news that this Idea is being developed I will update the status of the Idea and everyone will be notified.


Jon Bessant
Active Contributor
Thanks Glenn.

I think we will in that case rely on our existing infrastructure to send the remote training delegates their 'normal' certificates in that case from 'over here'.

Thanks for the heads-up and we now know the immediate way forward.

All the best and cheers!

Active Contributor

Any updates on being able to customize the certificates, i.e. change the wording and the logo?

GoTo Manager

HI @Lthomas,


I'm sorry no, there is no news at this time.


Active Contributor

Your point is one that I've also raised re: medical compliance requirements to administer a test and an evaluation tool in order to dispense approved continuing education units/credits/hours that are listed on the certificate of attendance. 


This is a standard practice in all health care professions in the U.S.  Most continuing education training in the health sciences is done online with only a tiny fraction of live offerings available, and the remainder are pre-recorded trainings or print media for viewing, and the format is straightforward:  1) View the training.  2) Take the test.  3) Complete the evaluation.  4) Receive the certificate of attendance with the approved continuing education hours.  "Approved" is a reference to approval by one's credentialing body, which is a rigorous process.   


It's a straightforward process that health professionals have come to expect over the past two decades or more, and the process has become so sophisticated that completed continuing education certificates can be sent electronically to one's state board, including state boards of medicine, nursing, pharmacy, physical therapy, etc.  


I'm not requesting that kind of labor-intensive sophistication.  However, I would very much like to have the features that accompany the live trainings to be replicated in the pre-recorded trainings.   Because my training topics are health science topics, over 80% of my registrants opt for the convenience of recorded versus live trainings.   


This differs from the corporate world where all employees can be expected to attend a meeting, whereas in inpatient settings, employees cannot vacate a hospital floor and leave patients unattended, although if such insanity were to occur, abandoning patients would be grounds for immediate termination of employment.  Inpatient staff obtain their continuing education hours on their days off, and hence the popularity of pre-recording trainings.  These continuing education hours also must be obtained according to state regulations for renewal of one's license to practice.  For example, here in Florida, registered nurses must renew their nursing license every two years.  GoToTraining has had a business relationship with at least one online entity for nurses in regard to some offerings.  Medscape,, and many other online entities offer straightforward online training for medical, nursing, pharmacy, and other staff to meet continuing education requirements for licensure renewal.  Hospital managers will not schedule staff to work unless they have a valid and active license to practice, and there are thousands of online courses offered in various health specialties.   Hospitals even hire medical compliance officers to ensure that staff is in compliance with state regulations for licensure, in order to meet standards of patient care that staff is legally allowed to practice in a given state, based upon standardized education, training, and board exams in one's specialty.  These standards are in support of patient safety.  


It would be ideal to have the ability (or option) to send out the certificate of attendance ONLY if the test and evaluation tool have been submitted.   If the certificate of attendance is sent out before the attendee has submitted the test and evaluation tool, it would be an enormous task to send email reminders to attendees who already feel they have completed all that is needed, particularly if they are in possession of the certificate.  


My credentialing body requires that all training records are maintained for a six-year period in the event of an audit.  I manually send out the certificate of attendance, rather than having it automatically sent via GoToTraining/LogMeIn.  In that way, attendees do not receive a certificate unless they've submitted the test and evaluation tool, and I don't have to chase attendees down via email and repeatedly request that they complete and submit the test and evaluation tool.  

Active Contributor

Even if we cannot have customisable certificates, could someone please take a look at the wording on the current template? 

I had thought that the built-in certificate would be a really simple way of providing evidence that someone had attended the session, which is what many of my learners ask for.

However the template says 'This learner played a critical role in the success of the class and demonstrated they have mastered the basics of xxxxx'. This is a statement I simply cannot make for a routine update session delivered to a large group with no assessment, which is most of the training I do on-line.  In fact I find it hard to imagine how I could routinely issue every attendee at any session with a certificate including that text and still maintain my credibility.

Replacing that sentence with 'This learner attended xxxxx' would be a much more accurate reflection of what the certificate is confirming - and surely wouldn't take a developer long to do. How about it?


Active Contributor


I have a new subscription, not done any training yet, just getting to grips with the system.

I have been looking for a way to see the certificates.  Is it still the case that we can't access them or edit any text in them?

This has been baffling me all week.  I have been struggling to believe that these are unediable and non-accessible.  Surely we can get to them before they get sent out?  how do I know what it says?  What if it is completely irrelevant text, as appears to be the case?

Thanks for any advice!

Retired GoTo Contributor

@dnJournals  You are correct in that Certificates cannot be 'viewed' or 'customized' in the way others would like on this thread.  We are planning to upgrade this feature in the future, and no ETA has been set yet.

Active Contributor

That's what I feared.   OK, thank you. Good to know!

Active Contributor
Agree wholeheartedly.