Default Emails to Include Email Address From Registrants

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Default Emails to Include Email Address From Registrants

Default Emails to Include Email Address From Registrants

Good afternoon,


I am looking to improve on the default generated emails that are sent to us upon someone registering for one of our training sessions. As of now, when someone registers we receive an email back stating their name, class & time / date. This is all great information for our company to have, but in the event that the GoTo website is down (doesn't happen frequently but we did experience it not too long ago which prompted this concern of mine) we need to be able to communicate to our registrants of this outage. As of now just having a registrants name doesn't help us very much, as we need to know which email they registered with. I understand that the default emails we receive do include the link to "View Registrant Details", which works great for now, but in the event the website is down that link would be of no use to anyone. So I am wondering is there any way to include in the default email not only the name of the registrant but also let us know which email they registered with? I know that the name & email are requirements in the initial process for someone to register for a class, I am hoping that the same email information can be sent out to me and my team in the default emails we receive. 

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@ChrisMaskey82 I've moved your post to our Idea section for better visibility. I will be sharing this request with the team!  

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Thank you very much KateG for the prompt response to my post and your willingness to step in and try and help our situation. I look forward to hopefully getting this issue resolved soon, as I'm sure this update would not only help my company but also would benefit all of your other users as well.