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Download Tests and Polls content from library

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Download Tests and Polls content from library

Hi, me and my colleagues created a lot of tests in the library. My question is how to download the test as pdf or txt file to use it in a different way or to archive the questions and the answers.

thx a lot and best regards

GoTo Moderator

Hi Kieni,

While it is not currently possible to download the GoToTraining Tests in that format, we can certainly consider it for development in the future.

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this would be greate, because we need this funciton asap. outherwise we have to copy and paste every phrase. This is not 2020 like. Thank you to put this topic into speed 😉

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We also have a great need to import/export questions, because of continously updated tests from our provider. It really stinks to do this everytime all by hand. The Tests model should be updated anyway:

- import/export in a standardized format (e.g. Aiken/Gift)

- longer fields (it stinks, if the last words of an answer don't fit in the line)

- the possibility to show explanations for right or wrong answers

The Library looks like created in1984 and never updated ;- ) We have 12 different trainings with different material, tests. polls, etc. There are no subdirs or any other way to group them. It's always a mess. This is especially true for activities, based on documents on Google drive.