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Facebook-Live integration

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Facebook-Live integration

How can I broadcast my GoToTraining session on Facebook-Live. Just saw Bluejeans announcement for their Facebook-Live integration and it looks like an awesome way to reach a wider social audience whilst keeping "production" quality for the GoToTraining attendees.

Retired GoTo Contributor
Hello Mark,

I apologize but unfortunately we do not have any support for broadcasting live on Facebook at this time.  However this does look to be a new an exciting way to reach a larger audience!  I'll be sure to use my internal means available to pass along the suggestion to our product management team for consideration in future development.  Thank you for posting the idea!

Currently our GoToTraining and Facebook integrations support the ability to generate a post to your Facebook profile directly from your Manage Training page using the 'Share' button.

New Member
Hi are there any updates on this? Zoom Webinar integrates wtih Facebook live now. thanks
Mike Hamilton
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Live streaming - GTW

Can I live stream a webinar to facebook as well, while I'm running the webinar?
Rob Fischer
New Member
Any updates on this?  Really important feature!  I want to stream my webinars on Facebook and Instagram, if GoToMeeting wont support this I may need to find a new tool.
Tammy Phelps-Ke
New Member
Still no facebook integration? Zoom has it and it's becoming a necessary option!