Follow-up E-mails to anyone that registered, not just attendees

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Follow-up E-mails to anyone that registered, not just attendees

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Follow-up E-mails to anyone that registered, not just attendees

IN Go-to-Training, is there a setting that will send my follow-up e-mails to all REGISTERED participants, not just those who ATTENDED a training.

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Hi Kathi,
This feature was already on the docket for future GoToTraining improvements, so this Community 'Idea' will add to the importance of the future enhancement to be considered for development.  Follow-ups for GoToTraining Absentees is a highly requested feature.

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Not sure if this is an idea or a question, but right now follow up emails only go to attendees. I don't see a setting to send to registrants.  


I would love, however to be able auto-send the same or a different email to registrants that did not attend.  Our trainings are always voluntary, but we also offer the recorded version which is available via a link in the follow up email. 

I could do this manually using the reporting, but scheduling myself to do this 6-8 times a week every week seems like quite a lot.

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Count my company as a "yes please" vote for this - I need folks who did not attend to receive the session recording without me having to manually send it.

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Is there any plan to have the Follow-up Email saved as a preference in GTT?


Right now we have to create the same custom message over and over again.

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@LDeNoia  Template functionality is also being worked on, though I don't have an ETA yet.


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Status changed to: Reviewed by moderator