Grouping of polls, tests and material

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Grouping of polls, tests and material

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Grouping of polls, tests and material

Library stored materials, polls, tests and evaluations are solely identified by Name (and a date)

With various types of training events it it hard to determine for which such belong as well there is no revision version possible in the identification. The lack of such requires a creative naming just to reasonable manage this, and with various trainers / admin this is nearly impossible to mange in a proper way.

Suggest that two tags is added in Library elements, and columns added for these two tags to sort by  in listings. 

- one tag named group, where you can add a group / type name for type of training event it belongs or if it's a general used element.

- one tag named version, where you can add a version or revision ID, as a date of upload or creation does not necessary identify version / revision of an element.


This will facilitate creation of training events, minimize errors of attaching non applicable elements to a certain event, and as well management / quality control of elements stored in the Library for training. 


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