Hide Attendee Email but still Allow Anonymous Chat with Everyone

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Hide Attendee Email but still Allow Anonymous Chat with Everyone

Hide Attendee Email but still Allow Anonymous Chat with Everyone

When attendees scroll over the attendee list, email addresses show up. It should be optional for the attendee to share their email address. Either by the Organizer hiding emails or the attendees having an option to hide or share their email address. We are a HIPPAA compliant program and this feature is violating our HIPPA standards. By participating in our program, attendees are indicating they have a health condition and should remain anonymous (their first name only). It should be up to the participant if he or she would like to share an email address publicly.

A work around is to hide the attendee list (not ideal, but okay we can deal with it). BUT when the attendee list is hidden, it prohibits attendees from chatting with each other. The chat automatically changes to the attendees only being able to send messages to the organizer and/or presenter. EVEN when the option is checked to chat publicly under the Options menu at the top of the screen. Hiding the attendee list overrides the option to chat publicly. A main component of our program is participant interaction, so it is necessary for participants to be able to chat with each other. We are currently working with a workaround for the participants to change their email addresses under "preferences" (which is confusing how different this option is for a PC compared to a MAC, some tech support team members were not even aware of this difference) to a fake email address like 123@gmail.com as the field cannot be blank. No ideal. Please make this change.


I cant see an option to hide emails. I was hoping this has been updated since your query some years ago. 

Is this an option now and if so, could you guide me as to where please. 

Many thanks