Improve the navigation in My Trainings

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Improve the navigation in My Trainings

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Improve the navigation in My Trainings

Navigating in the G2T my trainings area where you manage all your trainings can be a bit of a struggle sometimes.

We have many trainings planned ahead,
this means we have to navigate through several pages

After editing a training which is listed on page 6 or 7
We always have to go back us back to the beginning. (my trainings)

If you need to edit several trainings that don't come on page 1
you have to find where you left off every time.

Also, depending on which training details you are edting,
you either stay on the detail settings subpage or are taken back to
the training page.
This is not consistent and the back function of the browser
doesn't always work.

It would be very helpful if you could adjust the site so it allows for using the back button of your browser or include a back button within the site itself.

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Rick Harris1
Active Contributor
I feel your pain.  Sadly, scheduling, editing and maintaining a large library of random training sessions has not gotten any easier as the product itself slowly continues to improve.  I do wish some attention would be paid to the management side of things.