Make it easier to schedule multi day events

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Make it easier to schedule multi day events

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Make it easier to schedule multi day events

In GoToTraining, either let us setup

  • Start Date and "End Date" of a session, and not have to enter time
       Apr 6-Apr 7


  • Allow to select multiple days and pick Start/End Time for each day to define a single session
       Apr 6th 9-11am PST, Apr 7th 9-11am PST

  • Brownie Points: Allow us to select non-contiguous days (e.g. Mon-Wed-Fri)

Here is our scenario. We are starting to offer a paid class at PowerPivotPro. We need to schedule 2-day sessions each month for a Paid training we offer. Users sign up for a specific month and pay for that. The schedule could be something as below:-

Apr 6-7th 9-11AM PST $199
May 4-5th 9-11AM PST $199
Jun 1-2nd 9-11AM PST $199
Jul 6-7th 9-11AM PST $199
Aug 3-4th 9-11AM PST $199
Sep 1-2nd 9-11AM PST $199
Oct 5-6th 9-11AM PST $199
Nov 2-3rd 9-11AM PST $199
Dec 1-2nd 9-11AM PST $199

There seems no way for me to schedule this as a single training, with multiple (Multi-Day) "Sessions". The only way I can set these up is as separate Trainings, which I am loathe to do since it makes setting each one up a chore (with the materials, polls, etc.). Please advise or consider this as a feature for the next release.