Make it easy for organizers to move between breakout sessions

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Make it easy for organizers to move between breakout sessions

Make it easy for organizers to move between breakout sessions


is it possible that the organizer when join at first room (A room) could switch to another room (B room)?


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Plus 1 on this.
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Plus 2.  Looking for a solution for this and not finding it.

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As organizer and/or presenter, I can join 1 breakout room, but can't get out or switch rooms. Only by ending the breakout session, but some people don't return to the training. And some people stay in the training session and the breakout room simultainiously as attendee. 

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That is quite easy:

Close the browser tab (in Chrome) you are currently in (the breakout).

Then you will see the rooms overview again and you can join another room.

So it is not directly switching. It is: leaving one breakout and joining another.

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Doesn't this only apply to the person that created the training? I've been an organizer in GoToTrainings and have promoted my presenters to organizer, but we don't get to see the breakout room options, only the person that created the training. 



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@joannewon Co-Organizers set up in the schedule ahead of time will have all the same in-session rights as the hosting Organizer, but attendees upgraded in-session will be limited.

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Could this feature be changed? All of our trainers are promoted to organizer during the session, which means they can't launch breakout activities. It would make it SO much easier if they had the ability to launch their own breakout activities.

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We'll definitely consider this use case for future development, thanks.

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This would be a great feature to make Breakouts more useful - in-session organizers can jump between Breakouts. Another way would be a new role, like a Panelist from GTW, which would have the appropriate permissions.

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