Monitoring participant screens continually

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Monitoring participant screens continually

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Monitoring participant screens continually

I've just joined the training team of a multi-jurisdictional company.  Webex is the current webinar solution. 

My manager has informed me that in the past, when delivering an IT training session remotely, there were only 3-4 delegates. Webex was opened on several machines in a training room and each machine (aside from the trainer's) was setup to share and display the screen of an individual trianee. 

This way, she could demo the system we were training on using her machine first, then monitor the trainee screens as they worked through the same task remotely - in the exact same way that she would in a face to face session. 

In short - it saved her constantly having to jump around with switching and sharing / requesting access to diferent participant screens using her machine - but ensured that the participants all understood and used the system that they were learning correctly.

The issue now is that we have a requirement to host several remote sessions in other jurisdictions but for 6-8 people.  Obviously, having individual machines setup for each participant to share their screen / monitoring them all efficiently would be problematic with this number of participants.

I've used many webinar solutions in the past and I know that one of them had a pane to the right of the screen with all participant screens and it was easy to expand and minimise each one in turn without having to ask for sharing permissions etc.

Could someone confirm for me whether one of the "GoTo" products is the solution I'm remembering?  Or whether they have a similar functionality avaiable that could provide us with a solution?





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