Pre-assign Attendees to GoToTraining Breakout Rooms

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Pre-assign Attendees to GoToTraining Breakout Rooms

Pre-assign Attendees to GoToTraining Breakout Rooms

You need to add the ability to pre-assign attendees to breakouts. It isn't sufficient to just be able to assign them. We want to be able to curate who will go into what breakout, and with a large group, this is impractical in real time. Preregistration for the meeting + pre-assign breakout sessions, preferably by upload of a CSV....

Note: This conversation was created from a reply on: Add break out rooms to GoToWebinar.

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Completely agree with this. It's time-consuming and unprofessional for the presenter to have to assign these "on the fly". Grouping attendees prior to the training, then assigning breakouts by group, is essential.

New Member

I agree. If I have over 30 people in a session, why do I have to sit and sort them for a breakout. I should be able to have them sorted so when I am ready to do a breakout they are pretty much in the right rooms. Can we add this feature?

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I agree.  For people teaching multi-day, multi-breakout classes - we currently have to take 5 minutes of student time painfully trying to select, drag, and drop students into the groups they were in "last time."  The system forgets what group they were in previously.  Then if there is a problem and they have to refresh Chrome they are assigned randomly to a group and must refresh until they finally get into their group again.

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Has this been resolved? I desperately need to pre-assign groups!

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@J_P  This is marked as an 'Idea' because it is not currently possible to pre-assign breakout groups.

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Agreed, this is a feature that should be a priority to add.

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