Prevent late attendees from joining

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Prevent late attendees from joining

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Prevent late attendees from joining

Hi , in a face to face training session an attendee would not be allowed to join if more than so many minutes late for the session. They would have missed too much and would need to join another session. Is there a setting in GoTo Training that can stop people joining a session after a certain amount of time?

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@RichF You may specify in the GoToTraining schedule when you would like to officially close registration for Attendees:


Hi Ash,


thanks - that is useful.


I was thinking more during the session itself. For example:


I have a GoTo training session scheduled between 1 - 3pm. 


A delegate registers, but then joins the session at 2pm. They have missed too much of the session for it to be worthwhile, and they are disrupting other learners. In classroom training I would turn that person away and advise that they book onto another session. So, I'm really looking for an option that stops people joining the session itself after a predetermined time.


thanks again.



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