Send an email to registrants for an upcoming training

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Send an email to registrants for an upcoming training

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Send an email to registrants for an upcoming training

Within GoToTraining, I see there is a way to add your own text-only message to the end of the Upcoming Training reminders.  

For my training, however, I want to send my participants an email that is in HTML format, with pictures to guide them through the initial setup of their software - ultimately to ensure that they are ready for the training. What I was hoping to find was a button or some feature that would start a blank email (using my local email client) and list all of my participants in the BCC list.

If this already exists, please point me to the instructions!

GoTo Moderator

Hi Scott,
While GoToTraining does not currently support the option to send your own emails, we do have some 3rd party integrations available: 

Customers familiar with web programming (or who hire web devs themselves) can utilize some of our APIs, available here for custom integrations with GoTo systems: 

Scott Barney1
New Member
Any chance at getting it added as a feature request? I've no interest in web developing onto this out-of-the-box solution.
GoTo Moderator

Sure thing, Scott.  I'll change this post to an 'Idea' so that others may weigh in on it.

Jennifer Besset
New Contributor
Definitely a cool idea! I've been attaching user guides for this purpose, but my guess is clients would be more likely to view this info in an email than in an attached doc. I guess a work-around would be to run a report on the registrants, export to excel, and grab the email addresses from there. Not ideal, but should work.