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Time available for Test

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Time available for Test

Two issues associated with testing time.


1. Availability of the test after sent There should be an option to set a range of testing availability dates. This eliminates work overload for the organizer.

2. Likewise, the evidence must have a deadline for its presentation. Give time options, 30 min, 1 hour, 1.30 min. etc


If any of these options already exist please let me know.

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@JJaque27 you can administer tests in session which would provide more control over timing. 


Otherwise, after sending a test, how do you envision sending the test over a range of time? Would you like to send the test and then have it no longer available after a set period of time? (30 min, 1 hour, etc)? 

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Hello Kate.

I appreciate your kind response.

Exactly, I would like to send the test and make it available for a certain period of time. In my case I do the sessions on Fridays, so I would like to set a period of time per days.

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@JJaque27 thanks for the clarification! I will share this with the team.