Updated Agenda notifications for participants

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Updated Agenda notifications for participants

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Updated Agenda notifications for participants

We have meetings/trainings that are pre-scheduled and always start on time but we often go very quickly and may get ahead of our agenda. We would like to have a quick way to constantly show folks joining the meeting where we are currently in the agenda. We could use chat but that gets bogged down with messages from participants. We could use drawing tools but we cant type in that area and using a mouse to show the updated agenda would be painful. Also there are a ton of different folks demoing their work so we would want this to always be present without having to share a specific document.

GoTo Manager

Unfortunately the Chat feature is really the only option at this time. I have made this Topic an Idea so our development team can consider it for a future update.
Robert Poxon
New Contributor
I would also like to see this. The ability to create an agenda before the meeting. With timings and the initials of who is responsible for reporting on the agenda item. A timer running during the meeting and the organiser presses a button to move to the next agenda item. Also with the ability to alter the timings during the meeting. Would be awesome. I try to run our meetings to strict published times and this would really help. You could even have green, amber and red flashing lights when a speakers time is coming to an end if you really wanted to push the boat out.
Kiona Padilla
New Member
Hey there,

I am also interested in this feature. Glenn, do you have an update on this? Is this being considered?