Use GTT for Combined Web and Local Training

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Use GTT for Combined Web and Local Training

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Use GTT for Combined Web and Local Training

We've traditionally hosted classroom style workshops and training sessions for our customers out of our 4 offices (Phoenix, Albuquerque, Denver, Salt Lake City). Problem is that not all customers have the ability to travel to these events, and we'd like the ability to have them join the event virtually to increase attendance.

We are a small business (20 employees), and our workshops & training classes draw about 10-25 people per session. We like the admin portion of GTT in terms of handling registration, reminders, evaluations, etc. but we'd like to be able to use GTT for all of our attendees - virtual and local, instead of having to maintain two systems. We've looked at some of the LMS out there - major overkill for our needs.

Is there a way to use a checkbox with each attendee so that if they're attending locally, they don't get all the web connection info? That could be part of their registration as well. We've been putting location in the title of the class, but picking a location from a set of pre-defined addresses would be better.

Not trying to turn GTT into an LMS, just a bit more flexible.

GoTo Manager
Hi Brian,

We do not have this capability currently but it's a great idea, thanks for sharing.
Matthew Burrows
New Member
Did you ever get this capability added?  We'd like to do a similar thing and have a mixed web and local training set in the catalogue.  Is this now possible?
GoTo Moderator
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